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The Mighty Pint has supplanted the old location of Madhatter, a mainstay on the M Street scene since the Reagan administration.

It has been said, “What some invent, the rest enlarge…” If you’re asking if we believe in enhancement, the answer is YES. The Mighty Pint aims to please and we are sure you will be satisfied.

It is true what they say, “Continue what is worth continuing…” If you’re wondering whether we have upheld the tradition of raising pint glasses high, toasting new friends and old, the answer is YES. Nothing is mighty about serving refreshing cocktails and beers in plastic dixie cups…that is why all our drinks are served in pint glasses. Our Pint is Mighty and we stand behind our name.

"Out with the Old and In with the New…" If you’re thinking whether we kept the Boombox Transistor Radio and the Black and White TV with UFM/FM antennas, the answer is NO (what have you been drinking in your pint?)! Is The Mighty Pint in the business of breaking hearts? Of course not… Surely your hearts will fill up with the warm and fuzzies when you enjoy the state-of-the-art sound system and brand spanking new LCD flat panel TVs. The Mighty Pint aims to please…






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